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While discovering our studio — le fond de l’œil — some of you might think that we are ophthalmologists… But fear not! Our activity is, indeed, linked with eyes, but only in an allegoric point of view.


We all know that this marvelous organ, the eye, creates images that we see.
Indeed, they are not existing as such in the nature. They are literally created in the eye and more precisely the back of the eye (fond de l’œil).

In fact we have been creating images in our studio, static as well as animated!

Le fond de l’oil is a cosmic visual communication studio (the studio of course, not the communication – though…).

Why «cosmic»? To answer this question, we have to consider that the definition of cosmos, given by Socrate in «the Gorgias» Platon: «The sky and the earth, gods and humans are interrelated in a community, made of friendship and good arrangement, of wisdom and spirit of justice, and this is the reason why, they gave to the univers the name of cosmos».

On the one hand, this is exactly how we define the links that unite our studio members. And in this way we are making a true cosmic familial studio!

On the other hand, this is precisely on these values that we build our studio-customer relationship (we will get back to this later on).

where to find us?

Le fond de l’œil does the splits between 2 historical towns, 2 rich cultures, 2 fascinating countries, 2 geopolitically-strategic continentsNot even scared!

Our 1st studio, opened in 2003, is wonderfully located in Paris in the very alive quarter of la Bastille, where the spirit of freedom still continues to inspire its inhabitants.

Moscow opened its arms to us in 2016, and reserved us a little cozy place in le Carré France, inside the French quarter, where our 2nd studio is installed.

From Paris to Moscow, and conversely, our tightrope graphic design team, ignoring distances, has known how to take care of your project, even if you are far away!

what do we do?

The le fond de l’oil’s main activity is based on visual communication, whether commercial, cultural or educational.

We love to create clear designs and graphic animations which will light up ideas, concepts and messages of your communication.

We work on all types of support: print, digital and audiovisual.

Visual identity: Brandbook, guideline, logo

Audiovisual: graphic animation, animated logo, presentation movie, TV spot, animated generics, trailer, teaser, clip, video blog, educational movie, web series

Print: business card, letter head, correspondance card, brochure, flyer, catalog, product / price-list, roll-up, poster, stand

Digital: website, interface, interactive diaporama, banner, smm visual, power point, interactive pdf

what have we done?

For 16 years, le fond de l’œil has been creating, realizing, designing, producing, building thousands of prints, digital and audiovisual projects. Check out a few representative examples of our great productivity!

motion design

visual identity • print • digital

who do we work with?

Here is an overview of our happy customers, who work in different fields of activity as various as: medical, health, energy, environnement, technology, IT, industry, audiovisual, cultural, real estate, communication

The quality of the relationship we build with our customers is of the utmost importance to be able to propose the best possible performance, and thereby guaranty their satisfaction.

Whoever you are, small, average, big, tall, black, yellow, white, green, one-legged, we are not elitists: we work with everyone, as long as you are a human being who shares the same values – and the same touch of madness – like us!

From our point of view, doing business is funnier if we can add respect, equality, trust as well as a good partnership and the certainty of mutual gain.

how to work with us?

As we are a cosmic studio (remember) and our production processes are simple, we are able to work fast, flexibly and remotely in the whole (known) cosmos!

Whatever the type of support you require – print, digital, audiovisual – our production process comprises 6 well-defined steps:


After having contacted us (don’t hesitate!), you send us your brief.


We start by sketching out a general structure for your project: a concept for a visual identity,
a prepress-line for a print document, a functional charter for a website, a synopsis for an animated movie etc.


We then determine the content of your document: text, pictures, graphics, schemes, videos, musics, etc. Once the content is defined, we start the graphic design.


With a lighting concept, a solid content and an elegant design, the realization can genuinely start: for a print document, the layout; for digital, the development; for a movie, the graphic animation.


Eventually, the project is finalized! It is nice, and hot like a baked bread! We just have to deliver it to you as soon as possible!


We have a favor to ask: to give us your — sincere — feedback on your satisfaction level, for us to identify the possible improvements in our services.


why working with us?

Le fond de l’oil’s team is wildly versatile. Each and everyone one of us is capable of wearing several hats at the same time, without suffering any duplication of personality!

In our studio, we find a jumble of functions: project management, conception, wording, artistic direction, graphic design, animated movie realization, music composition

(But sometimes we end up with funny roles!)

what is our philosophy?

The members of our studio have chosen the world in which they want to live:
an ecosophic world, in which everything is linked, interconnected and interdependent.
Our credo is respect and love for life, whatever it may be. This implies for us, on a daily basis, to take care of the human being that we are and with whom we work, as a human being endowed with a psychology, integrated in a society, and tied to nature.

In another word, we are cool!

for how much?

The studio often goes the extra mile (and sometimes more) to charge a fair price corresponding precisely to the work done.

If the balance shifts on our favor – with a price too high – you have been wronged and you won’t trust us anymore, which will not be in our best interest because we want long-lasting relationship.

If the balance shifts on your favor – with a price too low – we risk bankruptcy, and there won’t be a studio anymore!

Also, we will always insure that the effective project budget matches to the reality of the production.

will you give us carte blanche?

There you go!

We have come to the end of this cosmic journey at le fond de l’oil..

If you followed well, you now have a good vision of our assets,

which are 9 good reasons to give us carte blanche!

It's up to you now!!

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